Light of Africa is a specialist investment advisory firm that assist companies interested in investing in Africa. Our team is equipped with extensive financial and investment experience. We provide business support and partnership opportunities for enthusiastic, growth-hungry investors and entrepreneurs.
The company was established after realizing that many foreign corporations struggle with their business ventures in Africa.

Helping create value by providing management expertise and strategic guidance.



Major market shifts are presenting businesses and investors to consider new opportunities outside Asia, Europe, etc. In many cases, Africa offers attractive alternatives. Africa is a wealthy continent, which offers many opportunities for profitable investment in a range of sectors. Africa's growth has unlocked numerous opportunities and attracted global investors from across all sectors. To fully maximize these opportunities in Africa and earn high returns, investors and entrepreneurs must adapt to the rapidly evolving market and consider more flexible investment strategies. Research has shown that too many investors and entrepreneurs are pursuing the same kind of target with the same kind of deal structure resulting in failed investments in Africa. In fact, most African markets are still underserved. This is a result of shortage of investment banks and other middlemen that typically screen opportunities and bring them to investors. Investors often originate their own deals and perform their own due diligence. Many private investors and businesses also need experienced people who can help create value in their holdings by providing management expertise and strategic guidance.



We at Light of Africa have reliable and easily accessible market information and are enabled to provide services such as in-depth market entry advice, business and financial planning, screened deals, due diligence, and a complete range of other pre- and post-investment services to both business and investors. We are equipped with resources to gather, analyse, and package information on emerging market businesses for clients and advise them. We work with our clients through every step of their journey. We act as their local, on-the-ground support partner in the country and combine sector expertise and resources to deliver low risk and cost effective investment and business opportunities.