For the success of the investment, when we match investors with businesses, we seek a business partner who is competitive and meets but is not limited to the following criteria:

  • A company with at least one year of operational history or, for start-ups, a proof of concept and completed first sales of a product/service.
  • A company Managed by an experienced and committed team with a track-record of success.
  • A business that offers an opportunity for social and economic development impact in its area of business


  • We help clients to access a large number of targeted business proposals across a wide range of industries.
  • We assist with Market research, risk assessment & competitive intelligence
  • We assist with Strategy development & company set up across Africa
  • Project management & ongoing consulting



Our network of country managers and on the ground specialists is spread throughout Africa. Our hands-on approach to client engagement means Light of Africa is always looking to source businesses in the Agriculture & Food and Mining Industry.

Opportunities for Success




Social Development and Job Creation

Two-thirds of those of working age in Africa do not have jobs in the formal sector. Population growth will only exacerbate the problem over the next decade as more young people will enter the job market. Job creation is our primary strategic focus because employment is the best and most sustainable path out of poverty and increased GDI.

Economic Development

Our investments Opportunities also have a transformative effect on sectors and countries’ economies. Investments in businesses guarantee provision of essential goods and services and increases production. This results in rise in country’s GDP .

Political Stability

As results of Stable investments, businesses are able to pay taxes which results in governments being able to provide public goods and services. For example, the power companies are able to provide enough energy to meet the needs of people.