We collect and analyze market data. Light of Africa gathers analyses and record information on emerging market businesses and supply chains to prove business growth that in turn mitigates market risk and leads to investment success. The success to operating in the fast-changing and emerging markets of Africa is to understand and manage the political and business risks that may affect your business. By looking at the social, political and economic condition within each country, Light of Africa is able to provide you with a detailed market entry report tailored to your investment needs. Our team stay informed on critical political, economic, and industry-specific developments in our core focus countries. This information is assessed regularly and relayed to our clients.

Detailed market reports tailored to your investment needs.



We diligently find the right partners for your African business expansion. We source, screen and present businesses that meet the investor’s criteria across our hubs in Africa. We provide effective due diligence ensuring businesses and investors match and for the long term. We put you in touch with competent, trusted and reputable business partners who are well-connected and have experience establishing businesses in the area. Furthermore, we can assist you in meeting government officials. Deal Origination Light of Africa is well experienced in supporting the investment related negotiations once an investment match has been found. We assist in structuring and helping to close the most appropriate deals. We help you identify investment targets that best match your requirements. We are talented in Advising on what is acceptable and effective in the market, structuring of investment deals, and how to package these deals to local entrepreneurs so they becomes acceptable. We have experience in deal closing and we put priority in ensuring that smaller deals do not end up procrastinating and draining limited resources unnecessarily. Due Diligence Our work with institutional funds and business angles over the years has sharpened our senses in terms of identifying issues and aspects that may become distractions or potential disagreements in the future. Light of Africa provides the detailed background that investors need to ensure that they have covered all possible risks, threats and opportunities. To do so, we leverage our investment experience, local presence, and strong partners to assist investors in their due diligence work on investment targets.




As part of an integrated project development programme, Light of Africa provides the following services:

  • Risk allocation and setting of project financing objectives
  • Development of appropriate financing structure
  • Preparation of contract strategy
  • Development of transportation and off-take agreements
  • Project management of project financing negotiation and delivery



Making companies’ investment ready, putting in place the necessary control and reporting systems and discipline is at the core of our programmes. We are able to provide a number of services to investor’s current portfolio companies, including preparing reports, monitoring financial results, and tracking social metrics. The support we offer stretch from basic mentorship and leadership coaching to specific technical aspects across the organization.



Light of Africa continues its work with its clients through post-investment. Our services both in management and advisory positions continue to add value and ensuring investments succeed. We work post-investment, both in management and advisory positions continuing to add value and ensuring investments succeed.